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Re: Aw: Re: Adding cloud-init in the next Wheezy point release

On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 09:24:00PM +0800, James Bromberger wrote:
> 1) Use backports by default in apt.source in cloud images, and we
> bless this as still being Debian
> Personally, I am happy with #1, so long as the rest of the community
> is.

Given that backports are not installed by default, I don't think the
matter of whether backports is *present* in sources.list alone is enough
to define the problem. It's rather how many packages we have to install
from it, and how relevant they are. Considering that, AFAICT, we're
talking only about cloud-init, and considering its relevance for the
cloud images, I think installing it from backports in the cloud images
would be acceptable. (And, as we discussed earlier on, at that point you
really want to have backports in sources.list, to avoid missing updates
for the backported package.)

What we should certainly do is have some Debian documentation specific
for the cloud images, which include a list of differences from regular
images. (But before talking about this, we should probably look into
having a "get Debian" page for Debian cloud images :-))

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