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Another new minicom... Apache package available for comment. AucTeX 9.3c-1 dftp 1.3 available diald: a.out and elf doc-linux-96.01-0.deb dpkg-ftp, Ftp method for dpkg fvwm-1.24r-10 released g77-0.5.17-1.deb g77: new package kermit-190-6 uploaded to man-2.3.10-7 Released netbase-1.23 uploaded netbase-1.24 uploaded netcdf-2.4b5-1 (new package) new minicom New minicom & lrzsz (a.out)... new package: par 1.41 paragraph reformatter New revision of vim-3.0-5 uploaded sam-4.3 released sam-4.3 released [correction] slrn, new package (news reader) svgalib-1.28-2 (a.out) security fix released trn 3.6-4: fix for annoying date-related bug Uploading manpages-1.9-2 wu-ftpd-2.4-17 uploaded xlockmore-3.6-0 [a.out and elf] xterm-color-3.1.2-3 uploaded The last update was on 06:54 GMT Thu May 16. There are 29 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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