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Uploading manpages-1.9-2

Good evening folks!

I'll upload the manual pages package later tonight.

Date:  Wed Jan  3 19:58:26 MET 1996
Package:  manpages
Version:  1.9-2
Description:  section 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 man pages for Linux
Priority: low
Changes:  corrected some references in exports(5)

manpages-1.9-2.deb         313146 binary/doc
manpages-1.9-2.diff.gz      12615 source/doc
manpages-1.9-2.tar.gz      329653 source/doc

d029321f6cd6fd63d9fb122f7e7664ac  manpages-1.9-2.deb
cbb1bcec22aff1b5e13112c87b3255ec  manpages-1.9-2.diff.gz
c00a673290df61b21300c0ece6aa3ea1  manpages-1.9-2.tar.gz

Have a nice remainder of the week, 


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