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dftp 1.3 available

The latest version of 'dftp' (v1.3) is now available.  It has been
put into the Debian distribution under private/project/Incoming and should
soon be moving to its home of contrib/tools.

It can also be found (temporarily) as ftp://ftp.bnr.ca/pub/dftp-1.3

This version properly handles the new distribution hierarchy.  Also note
the new "--pkgpath" option!

$ dftp -whatsnew
                          What's new in version v1.3
 ** Added "--include" option to specify which package hierachies to scan for
    packages.  The default is "stable,contrib,non-free", but can be set in
    the .dftprc file.
 ** Changed "--exclude" to take section names only (for speed reasons).
 ** Added "--pkgpath" option to specify a path (as opposed to FTP site) where
    the Debian distribution can be found.  This will allow installation via
    NFS mount, cd-rom, or local mirror.  Any packages fetched with 'dftp'
    will follow the same directory structure as the main site so retrieved
    files can be used via "--pkgpath", thus allowing a smaller installation
    to read from a larger installation.
 ** Verify now uses the size and md5sum fields in "Packages" to properly
    authenticate each package.  'md5sum' is used on Debian systems, all others
    use the file size.

For more information, use "dftp -help".

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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