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New revision of vim-3.0-5 uploaded

vim - VI iMproved - enhanced vi editor

 Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor vi. Only the 'Q'
 command is missing (you don't need it). Many new features have been added:
 multi level undo, command line history, filename completion, block operations,
 etc. See /usr/doc/vim/difference.doc for more information.

Sun Jan 14 15:33:08 EST 1996   D.J. Gregor <dgregor@gregor.com>


	* Moved some files around

	* Created Makefile to jump to src/Makefile

	* first ELF compile

	* Edited term.c to reflect new curses header files.

	* Fixed problem reported by Heiko Schlittermann dealing with a
	  lack of a cursor when stopping vim (CTRL-Z).

vim-3.0-5.deb		233221
vim-3.0-5.diff.gz	15771
vim-3.0-5.tar.gz	470029

e7b7dd8c8cb84e1f1582b51d0ad5a13f  vim-3.0-5.deb
163cd7e54040011b6a05e6f345111d3d  vim-3.0-5.diff.gz
7f7af45efe04acc93b442829c07b858d  vim-3.0-5.tar.gz

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