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Re: Future of kFreeBSD in Debian unstable

Hi there,

for a while now I am in the process of looking at another OS than stock
Debian, which means either another Linux-based (hi, Slackware!) or
FreeBSD (I need ZFS support).

The above was the reason why on 2017-04-09 I installed my first Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD, using the d-i available back then.  The installation went
smoothly once I brought up the Wi-Fi (ThinkPad X200t here with Intel
WiFi 5300 8086:236).  I am sorry to not have filed an
installation-report bug at that time, but I wanted to test it again to
fully document how Wi-Fi can be brought up (no custom .(u)deb were

The lack of filesystem native encryption in ZFS on kFreeBSD 10 was
however a showstopper and since then I booted my Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
rarely, despite the fact that everything else, except for the YubiKey 4
(kernel panic) worked *out of the box*.  A big kudos to everyone
involved here, the achievement is IMHO quite a success already.

My free time for Debian has vastly reduced in the last year,
nevertheless I am available for sponsoring/reviewing and buildd work if
needed (I setup a no-wannabuild one at work for internal/external
packages).  And I would be more than happy to financially help.

For everything else, I have the same feeling as Axel: I am not a
toolchain guy, debugging does not scare me, but fixing the problem could
end up being the bigger problem (pun intended).

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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