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Re: Future of kFreeBSD in Debian unstable


after more than a year or so, I recently revived my kFreeBSD box (an
now about 10 years old not-meltdown-affected ASUS EeeBox) and just
noticed that the kfreebsd buildds stopped working around the same
time. That's why I looked into this mailing list again after quite a
while, too.

Yavor Doganov wrote:
> I'm not qualified to work on the toolchain

Same issue here.

> and don't have special sysadmin skills

I think, I have those at least.

> However, I can work on bugs in specific packages with a certain degree
> of stubbornness.

Sounds familiar.

> Contrary to most people, my interest is philosophical, not
> technical.

For me it's mostly because I like exots, things mixed which weren't
planned to be mixed. :-)

> > however with the kFreeBSD buildds gone, we would also need at least some
> > people willing to maintain buildds (this is limited to Debian Developers
> > as long as the port lives on ftp.debian.org).

I can imagine doing sysadmin work on buildds.

I just read jcristau's mail: I don't see the difference between
running buildds for jessie-kfreebsd and sid. Why can the one continue
while the other can't/

> As kfreebsd-* are probably never going to to be release architectures
> due to systemd, maybe it is better to move the port to debian-ports.

Wait! Debian runs fine without systemd. sysvinit has recently been
revived upstream and there's OpenRC which is doing fine on my boxes.
(I though haven't yet tried the combination of OpenRC and kFreeBSD.)

> At some point, it was evident that much more people were engaged with
> GNU/kFreeBSD compared to GNU/Hurd.  It is bewildering why human
> resources have been in short supply lately.

For me it were essential bugs like newer kernels providing no more
network on my machine while older kernels prevents packages from being
installed. At some point I had to wait quite long until I got that box
working again.

I had similar demotivating toolchain/kernel issues with my Sparc
engagement. (Which will likely respark at some point, too, but I can't
tell when.)

> > Currently no architecture-dependent packages get updated for kFreeBSD;
> That's the beginning of the end, unfortunately.  If the port is moved
> elsewhere, does it have to be bootstrapped again or the wanna-build
> database can be reused?

I wonder what is exactly needed to run a buildd wrt. to the host
operating system. Does it need to be a "stable" Debian?

With regards to hardware: I can imagine buying a small system for that
in case I'm hosting that at home (reachable from the outside only via

But as mentioned before: I'm definitely the wrong guy for toolchain
issues. I remember having put many hours into a grave startpar issue
on kFreeBSD, just to notice in the end (when someone else found the
fix) that I was on the completely wrong way.

		Regards, Axel
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