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Re: Future of kFreeBSD in Debian unstable

В Mon, 08 Jan 2018 12:32:33 +0100, Ansgar Burchardt написа:
> But we would need people to commit to that: someone has to address
> issues that arise (these do not have to be Debian Developers, though
> ports should have at least some Debian Developers commit to them);

I'm not qualified to work on the toolchain and don't have special
sysadmin skills that are probably needed for a buildd maintainer.
However, I can work on bugs in specific packages with a certain degree
of stubbornness.  My impression is that the majority of GNU/kFreeBSD
bugs are fairly trivial to fix like this one:


I first installed GNU/kFreeBSD some time after the first installation
instructions became available, but couldn't get it to boot.  I made a
fresh reinstall following #593898.  I felt guilty for losing Axel
Beckert's time so went on and installed kfreebsd-i386 on one of my
machines.  I had to buy a LAN card as mine wasn't supported by the
kernel.  I couldn't use it as my main workstation but that was mostly
because the machine was rather old and slow.  I used it regularly for
several years to test packages (mostly GNUstep) until the HDD died.

Contrary to most people, my interest is philosophical, not technical.

> however with the kFreeBSD buildds gone, we would also need at least some
> people willing to maintain buildds (this is limited to Debian Developers
> as long as the port lives on ftp.debian.org).

As kfreebsd-* are probably never going to to be release architectures
due to systemd, maybe it is better to move the port to debian-ports.

At some point, it was evident that much more people were engaged with
GNU/kFreeBSD compared to GNU/Hurd.  It is bewildering why human
resources have been in short supply lately.

> Currently no architecture-dependent packages get updated for kFreeBSD;

That's the beginning of the end, unfortunately.  If the port is moved
elsewhere, does it have to be bootstrapped again or the wanna-build
database can be reused?

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