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Re: Future of kFreeBSD in Debian unstable


Gianluca Bonetti writes:
> I think it is a project worth keeping alive, even if not 100% workable.
> Dumping it away is a great waste of previous and precious work on
> portability and kernel abstraction.
> kFreeBSD 7 was stable enough to be used as desktop, as I did on a secondary
> box, real hardware.

It certainly would be nice if the kfreebsd port would be kept alive; I
find it an interesting project myself.

But we would need people to commit to that: someone has to address
issues that arise (these do not have to be Debian Developers, though
ports should have at least some Debian Developers commit to them);
however with the kFreeBSD buildds gone, we would also need at least some
people willing to maintain buildds (this is limited to Debian Developers
as long as the port lives on ftp.debian.org).

Currently no architecture-dependent packages get updated for kFreeBSD;
updates to architecture-independent (arch: all) packages will eventually
be incompatible with those old versions and more and more packages will
no longer be installable.  I don't believe it is worth keeping a port on
ftp.d.o in this state (snapshot.d.o will provide historic packages that
might be helpful if someone wants to restart the effort in the future).


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