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Re: This is getting ridiculous ...

Disclaimer: This kind of social mess can only be solved in full transparency
and disclosure, thus public reply on the list. If you feel you will be
offended, please disregard this email instead.

On Sat, Jun 17, 2006 at 11:09:49PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> However, what I do *not* understand is why this has to be raised to the
> issue of the month; why it seems to be impossible to turn around in

The correct course of action, is to ask the DPL for mediation, which i did at
the first hour of noticing that my svn access was removed. If the DPL had done
his job correctly, we would not have this current mess. He did not, and it is
over a month ago now. I did try to play by the rule, each time to be humbled
or rejected by Frans, making comments about "carefull, if you act like this, i
will never give you your commit access again".

This is the DPL's choice, and he is the representative of all of debian, and
this by consequence makes it a debian matter, of which all DDs should be
concerned with.

In his sentence, in which he gave Frans full reason, without even addressing a
single of the issues i mentioned, and not even considering at least two
compromise proposal i made (not discussing any kind of d-i large scale
technical issues, and only working on the small packages i knew nobody would
work on, like partman-prep or the apus support was the one which seemed the
most reasonable to me), he clearly mentioned that the only way to solve this
was going through the TC (of which as i was told 3 members are already against
me even without considering the issues) or a GR.

I have gone to the TC, and it kind of didn't solve anything, and there is only
this and a GR left to me.

Do you think i should go the GR route ? I have tried to avoid it because it
would be even more damaging than the current mess, but maybe i was wrong.

Will you second me if i submited a GR to counteract the DPLs decision on this ? 

> Debian and *not* stumble upon one of these annoying threads. To me,
> Debian is *not* about Sven Luther, and it is *not* about commit access.
> If Sven wants this to change, he'll have to convince people that he's
> worth that commit access; and that he's right, and that Frans is wrong

I am worth having commit access, even Frans, the DPL and others of the d-i
team said so, on the technical side at least.

> when he says Sven is impossible to work with.
> Frankly, I doubt he's going to be able to do that when he annoys the
> hell out of an insane number of people.

And what other choice do i have ? 


Sven Luther

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