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Re: SATA+ IDE DVD-Writer crash, and missing /dev/fd0


Is there a reason why the deprecated ide_scsi is being added to the
initrd? It seems odd that it is left in if it is better for me to write
with /dev/hda  who decides what gets added to the initrd loadmodules ?

Other than stupidity? :)

In /etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf there is a setting concerning modules:

# What modules to install.

Using dep sounds better.

Unfortunately there isn't a 'listed' to only get modules one listed

I do not know know who at debian sets the default to include ide_scsi.  Who
should I file a bug with? I think it is important to get this point revised
as it has taken so long to solve. (I reported this in Feb if I remember

I am glad cdrecord did not wipe my root drive when I did this:

cdrecord -v -dev=ATA dev=0,0,0 schillix-0.1.iso

Where to put the ATA bit was not documented.., I should have done it as:

cdrecord -v dev=ATA:0,0,0 schillix-0.1.iso

(Bit of a waste of a CD-R.. ;)

Anyway, I switched to using growisofs and the gnomebaker GUI front end now,
cdrecord developer does not respond to my email.

Kind regards

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