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Re: SATA+ IDE DVD-Writer crash, and missing /dev/fd0

"J. Grant" <jg@jguk.org> writes:

> [Please include my email address in replies]
> Hello,
> I hope someone will be able to help me solve the two remaining
> problems from my debian sarge install earlier this year.
> On 17/06/05 20:04, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
>> Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
>>> # Automatically generated email from bts, devscripts version 2.8.14
>>> reassign 300706 installation-reports
>> Bug#300706: debian sarge (debian-installer system) dvdrom and floppy issues
>> Bug reassigned from package `debian-installer' to `installation-reports'.
> Both my Floppy drive and my DVD Writer work fine from MS-Windows. I
> have used them many times in recent weeks due to these two devices not
> working with my Debian install :(
> I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to get my floppy drive working?  I
> have not solved the problem yet.

Does the floppy module get loaded at all? Any mentioning of floppy in
dmesg after boot? Does lsmod show the floppy module?

Try modprobe floppy as root.

> I do not have an /dev/fd0, although the debian sarge install did add
> this to /etc/fstab:
> /dev/fd0        /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto  0       0
> Also, if someone could help me get my DVD-Writer working that would be
> great.  Is there any documentation on how to setup an IDE DVD-Writer on
> a system with SATA + IDE? (Instalation report attached again)

Don't use ide-scsi. With kernel 2.6.x you can burn directly with ide
without the use of scsi emulation. For cdrecord (or dvdrecord) use

cdrecord dev=ATA: -scanbus

Other tools should have something similar.

> Why is sd_mod in /etc/modules after my sarge install?  It triggers the
> load of loads of scsi modules like sr_mod and ide_scsi etc..
> Is there no way to get a SATA drive to appear as /dev/hde etc?  That
> is how my RAID ATA133 hard drive used to appear on my old machine.

Nearly all SATA drivers have switched over to using the scsi block
device layer in the kernel and will appear as scsi devices. The old
ide block layer is somewhat deprecated nowadays. The difference is
that as /dev/sd* it works better. :)

> I would like to get the floppy drive working for emergencies in case I
> need to boot.  I followed the instructions of dd the stage1 an stage2
> onto the fd0 from Mandrake box but it would not boot off it.  Do I need
> to patch up a menu.lst file?  LILO used to work fine with this fd0
> drive, also the fd0 drive works fine from MS-Windows.
> Tips, FAQs or assistance appreaciated!

apt-get install lilo. You don't have to use grub.


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