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Re: Old world mac boot floppies

On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 01:35:04PM -0700, Wade Berrier wrote:
> Thanks again for the help.  I'm up and running.  The CMOS battery fixed
> my boot problems, and I did have to use the quik "quirk" settings for my
> powerpc 6400 (load-base=100000, output-device=ttya).
> I also was also able to boot the 2.4 debian installer floppies from
> daily builds.
> It's been an interesting transition getting used to mac hardware
> compared to x86.
> I did have one idea:  if you can boot a coff image from an hfs
> partition, couldn't you have an hfs /boot partition on the harddrive and
> boot directly from open firmware?  If I understand this correctly, quik
> wouldn't be needed.

I think you can only netboot those, since the disk drivers are not available
in OF or something, not sure though.


Sven Luther

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