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Re: Old world mac boot floppies

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 12:01:38PM -0700, Wade Berrier wrote:
> Thanks for the reply,.
> So how do I actually get the boot.img to boot?
> I've set up open firmware (version 2.0) to have the display as output
> and the keyboard as input, and auto-boot to false.
> But, I've tried what seems every combination of boot fd or boot floppy
> to no avail.  I'll usually get back can't LOAD.

You plug the floppy in the drive, and boot the machine, it will auto-boot into
the floppy firstm i think.

Also, you can try netbooting, and then you would use the


> And really, the main problem with my woody install is that when I
> reboot, I get "CLAIM FAILED".

I don't care for woody, it is old and obsolet, you will get more help when
trying the sarge floppies. Also, look at the numerous threads about this both
here and in debian-powerpc.

> But, as long as these images should work I'll try them some more.
> Also, another note, I don't have MacOS (although I'd probably be able to
> get it if I needed to, but I'd rather not have to worry about it if I
> can).

So, BootX is out for you. The miboot floppies should be all right.

> I'm at work now but I'll try some more tonight and give some more exact
> details of what I'm trying and what the error messages are.



Sven Luther

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