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Re: updated powerpc debian-installer builds

* Matt Kraai <kraai@alumni.cmu.edu> [2003-09-29 11:22]:
| On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 02:48:25PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
| > I tried mounting my partition at /cdrom, but the kernel doesn't
| > have hfs compiled in. I think we need to correct this, powerpc
| > users will always want to be able to access hfs partitions on
| > their drive.
| Please file a bug report against the kernel requesting an
| hfs-module udeb.

I think we should create $filesystem-module-udebs for most of the
architectures. This includes hfs for powerpc, *fat/ntfs for intel based
machines, ffs for some *bsd based archs and so on. With those modules,
we can extend the fstab generation process to include such foreign
partitions into the newly installed system.

| > If I get a chance to burn a CD at work, I'll try it with a real CD.
| > 
| > I tried the netinst iso next, but got about the same results.
| > When I switched to console 2, there was a repeating message:
| > 
| > modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-1
| It's missing the unix socket module, which is supposed to be
| compiled in to the kernel in an upcoming kernel package.  In the
| meantime, I've included the socket-modules udeb.

Sven and I have fixed this in Oldenburg. This means the new uploaded
kernel 2.4.22 included unix sockets compiled in. (Sven when we can
expect th upload? :-))


Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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