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Re: Post-woody

* Philip Blundell 

(please respect my mail-followup-to)

| On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 12:39, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > * Junichi Uekawa 
| > | Last time I looked, there is no charset signifier in
| > | debconf templates, how does one know if the template is in
| > | utf-8 or euc-jp?
| > 
| > You don't need to do that if we decide that everything is utf8.  And
| > since d-i won't have umpteen packages it's not very much work to
| > fix any non-conforming packages.  Fixing it for the general case
| > should be done, but is a lot more work.
| So, just to be clear, you're saying that all the debconf templates used
| by debian-installer are provided exclusively for its use (ie they are
| never used by packages that the user might install under any other
| circumstances)?

Sorry if this gets too basic, but I am switching to teaspoon mode
since it seems like I'm not able to get the message across.

The units we are working with in debian-installer are udebs (really
µdebs).  They are debian packages, but they don't have to follow
policy (why would we want docs and man pages on the installation

Those packages might include templates, like other debian packages.
Since the set of packages in d-i and outside d-i is distinct it won't
be a problem if we decide to migrate the templates in d-i before we
migrate the templates in the rest of debian.

The maintainer might have to maintain both utf8 and non-utf8 templates
until we have changed debconf over to utf8.

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