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Re: Post-woody

Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no> immo vero scripsit:

> | I've had zero look at debian-installer.
> | I wonder if it would have CJK support.
> | Proper CJK support is a very difficult thing to achieve...
> It uses cdebconf as the frontend, and if somebody makes sure the bogl
> frontend is actually working and using the translated strings (look at
> the text frontend for information about how I've chosen to do it
> internally.)

Last time I checked (which is a long long time ago), debconf had a 
design problem with utf-8 (the debconf templates are not in utf-8,
and it is not automatically obvious which character code they are in).
Does cdebconf inherit the same problem? Does it convert to utf-8 on the

What is a bogl frontend ? Is it very different from newt-utf8 that
boot-floppies uses?


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