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Re: Post-woody

* Junichi Uekawa 

| Last time I checked (which is a long long time ago), debconf had a 
| design problem with utf-8 (the debconf templates are not in utf-8,
| and it is not automatically obvious which character code they are in).
| Does cdebconf inherit the same problem? Does it convert to utf-8 on the
| fly?

The charset in the templates are undefined, but if we decide that we
want it to be UTF-8 then that won't be a problem.  (Just a small
policy decision.)  The frontend would have to know how to convert it
into something which displays properly, though.

Does anybody have a problem with having the templates in UTF8?

| What is a bogl frontend ? Is it very different from newt-utf8 that
| boot-floppies uses?

: tfheen@arabella ..heen/debian-installer/doc > apt-cache show bogl-bterm 
Package: bogl-bterm


Description: Ben's Own Graphics Library - graphical terminal
 Ben's Own Graphics Library is a small framebuffer library,
 including basic widgets, support for text in multiple
 languages, and mouse handling.
 This package contains bterm, a utf-enabled framebuffer terminal.

Right now there is a ncurses and a slang frontend, I am not sure of
the state of those, but it should be possible to link the better of
them against something-utf8 or create a newt-utf8 frontend.

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