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Re: Post-woody

* Junichi Uekawa 

| Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no> immo vero scripsit:
| > | Are you saying that every debconf template file should be in UTF-8?
| > | How do you propose to accomplish the transition ?
| > 
| > Every debconf template which is used in d-i, yes.  Why not?  It
| > shouldn't be that many templates.  The others can be handled when the
| > time is due.
| Last time I looked, there is no charset signifier in
| debconf templates, how does one know if the template is in
| utf-8 or euc-jp?

You don't need to do that if we decide that everything is utf8.  And
since d-i won't have umpteen packages it's not very much work to
fix any non-conforming packages.  Fixing it for the general case
should be done, but is a lot more work.

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