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default language setting on a fresh system [was: Re: base-config cruft cleanup]

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 10:41:03AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Well the form I want it in is the correct form. "ll" is not a valid
> > language code setting, "ll_LL" is.
> Ok -- are you saying dbootstrap *must* set it in the xx_YY form?
> > But I had been thinking that the
> > boot-floppies were possibly setting this in /etc/environment
> No we do not.  Taking language selection and forcing that to be global
> would in fact be incorrect behavior, according to i18n experts.
> If anything, it could be set in /etc/skel/.bashrc or something.

The problem is that for bash by default,

 login shells source _only_			.bash_profile, and
 interactive _non-login_ shells source _only_	.bashrc

So there's no easy way to set LANG for both console and {x,g}dm

I suggest that we write the language used for installation to
/etc/default/language and work with shell, display manager etc.
/package maintainers, so that these programs will source this file
in user rc files (if applicable).

That way we will have a global default without forcing the
language setting for everyone.

what do you think?

Marcin Owsiany <porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl>
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