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Re: base-config cruft cleanup

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> I want to check and see if some of the uglier cruft in base-config can
> be removed for the woody boot-floppies. Can anyone verify:
> - If LANG is set, will it be properly set to a ll_LL form? Base-config
>   had some code to deal with the ll form, which broke perl. (I've
>   already removed that code.)

Um, it's LANGUAGE, and I'm not sure.  Would need testing.  I'm pretty
sure it's not going to be in the form you want it.... Just murphy's law.

> - Have any new settings been added to /root/dbootstrap_settings that I
>   should deal with?

Here's all of them:

baseconfig.c:    write_userconfig("SERIALCONSOLE", "true");
extract_base.c:      write_userconfig("DEBIAN_MIRROR", source);
net-fetch.c:    write_userconfig("HTTP_PROXY", txtbuf);
pcmcia.c:	if (!rtn) write_userconfig ("PCMCIA", "yes");
util.c:  if ( write_userconfig("BUILDTIME", BUILDTIME) != 0 ) { /* check that we can write config  */
util.c:    write_userconfig("VERBOSE", "yes");
util.c:    write_userconfig("VERBOSE", "quiet");
util.c:    write_userconfig("DEBUG", "true");
util.c:    write_userconfig("CDROM", "true");
util.c:    write_userconfig("LANGUAGE", lang);

> - This code probably better belongs in console-tools or something. Do I
>   still need to keep it?

No clue.  You should direct this to Yann Dirson I guess.

> - Is pcmcia handled more sanely now that we use debootstrap? It used to not 
>   be in a package, just dumped onto the filesystem, so I have this code:
>         echo pcmcia-cs purge | dpkg --set-selections
>         echo pcmcia-modules-`uname -r` purge | dpkg --set-selections
>         # In a sane world, I would not need to do this. Welcome to my world.
>         rm -rf /etc/pcmcia /lib/modules/`uname -r`/pcmcia
>         depmod -a >/dev/null || true
>         # Delete lines above if/when those files are registed with dpkg.

Nope, no more sanely, I don't think.  You can add a boot-floppies todo
item if you think this is fixable.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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