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Re: base-config cruft cleanup

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> Well the form I want it in is the correct form. "ll" is not a valid
> language code setting, "ll_LL" is.

Ok -- are you saying dbootstrap *must* set it in the xx_YY form?

> But I had been thinking that the
> boot-floppies were possibly setting this in /etc/environment

No we do not.  Taking language selection and forcing that to be global
would in fact be incorrect behavior, according to i18n experts.

If anything, it could be set in /etc/skel/.bashrc or something.

> -- if you're just setting it in dbootstrap_settings, its not going
> to do anything right now. At least, base-config does not do anything
> if LANGUAGE is set there.
> Should I change it to do something? What?

It should be used for it's own l10n language template selection, and
set it's own environment so that things like subprograms (tasksel,
whatever) which are internationalized show the proper message

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