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Re: base-config cruft cleanup

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:
> > I want to check and see if some of the uglier cruft in base-config can
> > be removed for the woody boot-floppies. Can anyone verify:
> > 
> > - If LANG is set, will it be properly set to a ll_LL form? Base-config
> >   had some code to deal with the ll form, which broke perl. (I've
> >   already removed that code.)
> Um, it's LANGUAGE, and I'm not sure.  Would need testing.  I'm pretty
> sure it's not going to be in the form you want it.... Just murphy's law.

Well the form I want it in is the correct form. "ll" is not a valid
language code setting, "ll_LL" is. But I had been thinking that the
boot-floppies were possibly setting this in /etc/environment -- if
you're just setting it in dbootstrap_settings, its not going to do
anything right now. At least, base-config does not do anything if
LANGUAGE is set there.

Should I change it to do something? What?

see shy jo

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