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Re: keymap conf & Co

>It's getting there. I think I worked out it depends on less than 15k of
>files that arn't in base.

Ah, that's not bad.  But do those depends depend on anything not in

I wonder why the ftp maintainers, btw, seem so hesitant to keep the
base section in the archive sych'd.

>If your package's postinst script uses debconf, you must depend on debconf.
>If your preinst uses debconf, you must pre-depend on debconf.

Quite reasonable.

>And yes, debconf uses perl-base[1], so that pulls perl-base in too.

We can expect perl-base is already installed -- it's Priority:

Is your expectation that debconf should be in base for potato?

Mind you, realistically, I don't think we'll freeze until Jan 1.

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