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Re: keymap conf & Co

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > I may be talking nonsense here, but a lot of packages use
> > debconf for their postinst configuration, don't they? Isn't
> > this exactly the point of debconf?
> Nothing in base requires it.  debconf itself isn't quite base-friendly
> either.

It's getting there. I think I worked out it depends on less than 15k of
files that arn't in base.

> > And isn't this the reason perl is in base to begin with?
> Um... not... perl-base is in base because maintainer scripts use it as
> an interpreter.  I thought if you use debconf, your maintainer scripts
> will still work without it... (or else you need a pre-depends on
> debconf I guess).

If your package's postinst script uses debconf, you must depend on debconf.
If your preinst uses debconf, you must pre-depend on debconf. And yes,
debconf uses perl-base[1], so that pulls perl-base in too. The rules arn't
any different for debconf than for any other non-base program a maintainer
script may call.

AJ Towns has set up netbase postinsts that optionally call debconf, with a
decent fallback otherwise, and so netbase doesn't depend on it. That can
also be done.

see shy jo

[1] Well, it will. Right now, s/perl-base/perl/g

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