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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 9:45 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:

> Not every Blends page must look identical; they may have differences due
> to their goals or internal structure.

I suppose, I think there are benefits to a standard look though.

> The spins page is far too long for my taste, but the labs page looks
> nice (although I again think that 9 featureed apps are far too much).

One line of featured apps, maybe in screenshot form, would be nice. I
say screenshots because logos are only useful to people who are
familiar with Linux distros, but screenshots can show things familiar
to people who have only used proprietary software. Integrating the
screenshots with the logos somehow might be another option.

> It shows, however, a lack we currently have with our app metadata: Many
> apps have a logo, which is not accessible for us in a canonical way.

This will be available when the AppStream/DEP-11 metadata is available
from the Debian archive. Right now it is available here though:


This will eventually lead to something like this (possible on Fedora):

apt install command:tar lib:libgcc.so.2 python3:ptyprocess mime:text/plain



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