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Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

Hi all,

I am currently thinking on how the Debian Astro Web pages should look
like. I thought of two main pages: One mainly for developers -- this is
currently the one in the Wiki:


And one for the end users -- probably


For the latter one, I have a number of questions/comments. First, https
does not work here. Then, as I understood the mail from Iain Learmonth,
this is going to be integrated into the main page -- so can I still
create it (and it will move then), or how is it maintained?

For the page content, I thought of the following structure:

* introductionary paragraph
* ~3 (manually selected) "featured packages" with screenshots.
* task list as table
* How to contribute

The rough idea is stolen from the astropy affiliated packages page


The whole thing should be however in the Debian/Blends design. So the
questions I have here are:

* Can I just somehow integrate the task list into my own web page?
* Is it planned to get the individual tasks pages into the Debian/Blends
  design? The current design is hmm, a bit ugly.

Shouldn't we change somehow the fixed texts that are on the tasks pages?
For example, it says:

"The list to the right includes various software projects [...].
Currently, only a few of them are available as Debian packages."

This is even on pages where *all* packages are available as Debian

I roughly followed that there was Akshita Jha as a sommer student -- but
his goal was mainly to integrate UDD and other data sources here, right?
Is there any work ongoing or planned for the user interface?

Best regards


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