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Re: New blend creation (debian-astro)

On Wed, Nov 04, 2015 at 12:34:02PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
> > Please keep on reading the whole string!!!
> >   ...  H.M., Deil, C., Woillez, J., Conseil, S., Kramer, R., Turner,
> I have no idea what this is. "git blame" tells me f.e. [1]:
> d848a28a (Ole Streicher 2015-03-28 13:22:23 +0100 11)       Unther, H.M. and Deil, C. and Woillez, J. and Conseil, S. and
> There is an "and" before Deil, C., not a comma! And, d848a28a is the
> first version of this file; so this was correct from the beginning.

Hmmmm, I confirm

 psql udd -t -c "select * from bibref where source = 'python-astropy' and key = 'author';"
 python-astropy | author | Astropy Collaboration and Robitaille, T.P. and Tollerud, E.J. and  Greenfield, P. and Droettboom, M. and Bray, E. and Aldcroft, T. and  Davis, M. and Ginsburg, A. and Price-Whelan, A.M. and Kerzendorf, W.E. and Conley, A. and Crighton, N. and Barbary, K. and Muna, D. and Ferguson, H. and Grollier, F. and Parikh, M.M. and Nair, P.H. and Unther, H.M. and Deil, C. and Woillez, J. and Conseil, S. and Kramer, R. and Turner, J.E.H. and Singer, L. and Fox, R. and Weaver, B.A. and Zabalza, V. and Edwards, Z.I. and Azalee Bostroem, K. and Burke, D.J. and Casey, A.R. and Crawford, S.M. and Dencheva, N. and  Ely, J. and Jenness, T. and Labrie, K. and Lim, P.L. and Pierfederici, F. and Pontzen, A. and Ptak, A. and Refsdal, B. and  Servillat, M. and Streicher, O. |         |    0

Looks actually good and when inspecting the web page


the citation part looks fine as well.  So I agree your are perfectly
right that the string is OK.  The warning comes from here:


Line 844.  If I remember correctly the code starting at line 811 was
provided by Michael Banck to create unique formatting rules for all
authors.  It seems the mix of names (separated by surname, firstname and
the organisation 'Astropy Collaboration') might make this algorithm
fail.  I missed the part "'(44) -> '" in the log output - which is from
the formatting string in line 844.

So feel free to provide a patch for this specific case or lets ignore
this warning.  For me it is not important enough to fix - I just assumed
I could give a hint about the logs but this specific example was a
stupid one.
> | WARNING - blendstasktools.py (845): Refuse to change Author string in
> | python-astropy: 'Astropy Collaboration and [...]'(44) -> 'Astropy
> | Collaboration, [...]'(87)
> So the scraper refuses to change the version with "and"s to something I
> don't know where it comes from.

Sorry for missing this bit and creating confusion

Kind regards



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