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New blend creation (debian-astro)

Hi all,

I want to create a new Debian Blend -- Debian Astro --, and I am unsure
about what it means technically. What I did now is to ITP a
"debian-astro" package for tasksel:


The package development is in our git:


I started to create a few metapackages by re-sorting what I found in the
debian-science/astronomy and debian-science/astronomy-dev tasks. This is
not finished yet; I am still quite unsure about which metapackages are
useful on a longer run.

However, I also don't know how to start from a technical side:

* Could someone have a look on the package (in the git repository) and
  give me some hints what is missing there? Or (if it is simple) just
  correct it?

* What else would I need to do to get them somehow integrated?

For the metapackages, I am a bit unsure about how they are used
currently and in future: One use if probably to generate the package
lists on debian-blends.d.o. Another is to serve as metapackages for
direct install or via tasksel, right? This is fine for f.e. a package
like "debian-astro/python": the use is that someone who wants to do
astronomy with Python can get all available packages installed in one
step (they do not overlap much in functionality). But, for a metapackage
like "debian-astro/viewers", this would not make much sense: Viewers
usually overlap in their functionality, and people tend to install not
all available viewers, but just one or two of them. So, is a "viewers"
task still useful?

There was some rumor that the Blends task selection gets integrated into
the Debian installer -- what is the status here?

What else (also non-technical) would I/we need to prepare?

Best regards


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