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Re: New blend creation (debian-astro)

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
>> The package development is in our git:
>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-astro/packages/debian-astro.git
>> git://anonscm.debian.org/debian-astro/packages/debian-astro.git
> That's OK even of most other Blends are in
>     git://anonscm.debian.org/blends/projects

I also recognized this, and moved debian-astro to the blends subdir
(with a link back to astro).

> I've commited some changes.  Please make sure you inspect all commit
> messages.

Thank you. I checked them; they look fine for me.

> Done (to some extend).  There are cut-n-pastos from Debian Science
> remaining.  I'd recommend to overhaul all task descriptions.

Yea, it is WIP. I am still unsure about the categories, but it seems to
settle down now a bit.

> I added a config file for the web sentinel and triggered the creation
> of the web pages.  Please have a look at
>     http://blends.debian.org/astro/

Whow! Thank you. I will add some content to the main page, but this will
take some time.

I am wondering why the pages are not always complete: for example 
http://blends.debian.org/astro/tasks/gdl just lists one package, while
the task list lists four. Since the missing packages are (still) listed
in the science/astronomy task, it is not a problem with some package
content. Do you have any ideas here?

The statistics show that we clearly need more maintainers :-) I am
always trying to catch anyone who doesn't run away after the word
"Debian" was spoken out, but it is really hard...

>> There was some rumor that the Blends task selection gets integrated into
>> the Debian installer -- what is the status here?
> I admit that I *really*  I mean  **REALLY**  (and I'm not sorry for
> shouting) hope that something will happen regarding #758116.  I'm afraid
> currently is everybody simply waiting.  However, waiting is the wrong
> concept to get something happen.  And no, I will not do this since my
> work on other infrastructure stuff is keeping me more than busy
> enough.

I can ask for a status request and point out my interest there as
well. Being visible during installation is one of the motivatins for
doing a blend.

>> What else (also non-technical) would I/we need to prepare?
> Make some noise, write a Wiki page (at least) and read the docs,
> specifically the part that explains how to start[1].
> [1] http://blends.debian.org/blends/ch07.html

Thanks. I *knew* that there is some docs here, but I didn't find
it. I probably didn't search hard enough :-)

Best regards


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