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Re: New blend creation (debian-astro)

Hi Ole,

On Mon, Nov 02, 2015 at 04:14:42PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> I want to create a new Debian Blend -- Debian Astro --, and I am unsure
> about what it means technically. What I did now is to ITP a
> "debian-astro" package for tasksel:
> http://bugs.debian.org/799137

> The package development is in our git:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-astro/packages/debian-astro.git
> git://anonscm.debian.org/debian-astro/packages/debian-astro.git

That's OK even of most other Blends are in


> I started to create a few metapackages by re-sorting what I found in the
> debian-science/astronomy and debian-science/astronomy-dev tasks. This is
> not finished yet;

I've commited some changes.  Please make sure you inspect all commit

> I am still quite unsure about which metapackages are
> useful on a longer run.

I'd call this "normal".  My first Blend was Debian Med and the layout of
the metapackages is in flux every time.  It's like software that simply
evolves.  It also heavily depends from the input of your users.  For
instance I see a severe need to split up the way to large task med-bio.
However, as long as I (as a non-expert in the field of biology get no
input in sensible ways to split simply nothing happens).

> However, I also don't know how to start from a technical side:
> * Could someone have a look on the package (in the git repository) and
>   give me some hints what is missing there? Or (if it is simple) just
>   correct it?

Done (to some extend).  There are cut-n-pastos from Debian Science
remaining.  I'd recommend to overhaul all task descriptions.
> * What else would I need to do to get them somehow integrated?

I added a config file for the web sentinel and triggered the creation
of the web pages.  Please have a look at


You can change this page in


in subdir www/astro.  If you are happy with it just add a link in the
main index page in www/index.html.  Hmmmm, I just noticed that there is
also a www-src.  Iain might clarify this.  It is sufficient to push this
Git repository and a cron job will catch the changes and move it to the
web page.

> For the metapackages, I am a bit unsure about how they are used
> currently and in future: One use if probably to generate the package
> lists on debian-blends.d.o. Another is to serve as metapackages for
> direct install or via tasksel, right? This is fine for f.e. a package
> like "debian-astro/python": the use is that someone who wants to do
> astronomy with Python can get all available packages installed in one
> step (they do not overlap much in functionality). But, for a metapackage
> like "debian-astro/viewers", this would not make much sense: Viewers
> usually overlap in their functionality, and people tend to install not
> all available viewers, but just one or two of them. So, is a "viewers"
> task still useful?

I think Paul has given a sensible answer.  The idea was actually to
collect them all to enable some comparison.  If users might need some
space on their local disk removing unwanted packages is easy.
> There was some rumor that the Blends task selection gets integrated into
> the Debian installer -- what is the status here?

I admit that I *really*  I mean  **REALLY**  (and I'm not sorry for
shouting) hope that something will happen regarding #758116.  I'm afraid
currently is everybody simply waiting.  However, waiting is the wrong
concept to get something happen.  And no, I will not do this since my
work on other infrastructure stuff is keeping me more than busy enough.
> What else (also non-technical) would I/we need to prepare?

Make some noise, write a Wiki page (at least) and read the docs,
specifically the part that explains how to start[1].

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.debian.org/blends/ch07.html


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