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Re: Regarding Dominican Distro

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 8:00 PM, Franky Almonte wrote:

> You said before that it will be quicker to create a derivate. Why? How
> long it takes to build a minimal version or a standard version (with a
> desktop)?

It depends on how you do it, some derivatives in the past did one
install, modified the install and duplicated that. That is of course
very quick and extremely hacky and unsustainable.

The other thing is uploads to Debian are required to comply with
Debian policies, which can be quite strict so it might be quicker to
make packages not destined for Debian.

In addition there is currently a bit of a disconnect between blends
and the Debian installer and CD images (inc liveCDs); there are no no
specialised blends (as opposed to the generic desktop ones) that are
directly installable from the Debian installer UI or have CD/DVD
images available on the Debian website. Resolving that would be quite
a bit of work but would probably solve it for all blends.

> Based on your knowledge/experience, how long (approximation) it
> takes to build those metapackages for artwork, configuration and package
> selection?

I'm not familiar with the blends framework by Andreas but from what I
understand the metapackage stuff there is quite automated. The artwork
and configuration packages are normal packages rather than
metapackages. The configuration packages would be very little work
(maybe 10 minutes) once you had the config snippets you need and as
long as the software you are configuring supports drop-in config
snippets. The artwork packages might be slightly more but Debian
packaging is well automated these days if you have a Makefile with the
standard targets. Most of the work is not packaging but the stuff
behind the packages; selecting what to install, drawing the artwork
and deciding what configuration snippets to add.

> Although we have good connectivity in the country, we would like to have
> some degree of independence to work on the development process.

Using alioth will help there I think.

> That's fine. We would to contribute with a local Debian mirror.

Excellent, some info about that here:


> I just sent and email to Javier about the Census.

Thanks :)

> The assembly is a separate project. But we will try to review the
> hardware.

I see, I think review will definitely help with the experience of your users.

> Don't know yet. It will be and open competition to recruit developers,
> since these are public resources. I'm a Debian user since Sarge, but
> with some little interruptions in the middle.

I see. I assume the developers will be paid rather than volunteer; if
so please post to the debian-jobs list and or contact nearby
consultants when the time comes:




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