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Re: Regarding Dominican Distro

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 8:23 AM, Franky Almonte wrote:

> The institution (Indotel) that support this project wants a system with
> it's own national identity. We just want to help make a good decision,
> for the project and the community. We were not aware of the benefits of
> create a Blend until some weeks ago, but don't want to lose the way to
> our own distro without reinventing the wheel again.

It might just be possible to do this mostly within Debian. As an
example the BrDesktop people from Brazil did this some years ago,
producing 3 source packages, one for artwork, one for configuration
and one for package selection (metapackages). Their work is no longer
available in Debian as the project was discontinued because the normal
Debian artwork, configuration and metapackages were considered


> You're right. We would have to maintain some infrastructure.

It should be possible to minimise this and do most things directly in
Debian since we provide quite a bit of infrastructure that blends can
use too.

For example you can host the project on alioth and get a mailing list
there. You can use the blends infrastructure to create metapackages
and track your packaging progress. Any packages needed can have a
git/svn repository on alioth and be uploaded to the main archive. You
can then use the Debian bug tracker for them, as long as your
developers and users are happy to use an email based bug tracking
system. There is also a web based bug tracker on alioth for bugs
unrelated to packages. You can direct people to the usual Debian
support channels when they need help.

The things you would probably need to be separate from Debian might
just be the website, support services.

Local Debian things are also important, for example local Debian
members, user groups, events, bug squashing parties, Spanish
translation, archive mirrors, CD vendors, pre-installed computers,


> We can try to contact Javier Castrillo to ask him about this.

Hmm, Javier was not on the list of people I sent the mail to. A copy
of the invitation I sent is available on the wiki, it would be great
if you could send it (or another mail) to him.


> We will try to link other institutions to the project, like
> the Ministry of Education to provide educational content. The project
> is for 2 years and we want to survive long term by creating and
> having it's community.
> This project is part of a group of projects. This one will provide the
> O.S. for 50,000 computers that will be assembled in the country. These
> computers are the ones that the Government will facilitate for
> education, household use and micro (and SMBs) companies of these
> families. Also it will be supporting 211 technological centers, each
> with 10 computers or so, for digital inclusion all around the country.
> Indotel decided to use Free Software for these projects and to
> create/build a Dominican distro to support them [0] (the name it is not
> definitive).
> [0] http://www.z101digital.com/app/article.aspx?id=126974 (in spanish)

Since the computers will be locally assembled, you can choose which
components and ensure that they have good support before you
distribute them.

Do you know how many people will be involved in the development of the project?

Are any of the people involved already members of Debian or working with Debian?



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