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Re: Regarding Dominican Distro

Hi Franky,

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 08:00:42AM -0400, Franky Almonte wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Jun 2014 12:17:08 +0800
> Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
> > It might just be possible to do this mostly within Debian. As an
> > example the BrDesktop people from Brazil did this some years ago,
> > producing 3 source packages, one for artwork, one for configuration
> > and one for package selection (metapackages). Their work is no longer
> > available in Debian as the project was discontinued because the normal
> > Debian artwork, configuration and metapackages were considered
> > adequate.
> You said before that it will be quicker to create a derivate. Why? How
> long it takes to build a minimal version or a standard version (with a
> desktop)?
> Based on your knowledge/experience, how long (approximation) it
> takes to build those metapackages for artwork, configuration and package
> selection?

If I were you I would start with


which seems to have quite the same goal as you but it is some asian
region related Blend.  I'd also strongly recommend reading the Blends
documentation at


When you checked both you might decide on your own how long the
procedure might take (as usual multiply your original estimation at
least by two since all things take longer than expected ;-)).

> > It should be possible to minimise this and do most things directly in
> > Debian since we provide quite a bit of infrastructure that blends can
> > use too.
> The project will have some infrastructure to support it. That's why we
> are looking for a balanced point. Maybe for a start would be better
> create a Blend first, then derivate, or vice versa. Or just a Blend or
> just a derivate forever.
> Although we have good connectivity in the country, we would like to have
> some degree of independence to work on the development process.

I'd recommend to start with the Blends approach.  If you realise any
stumbling stones your work is not wasted once you might decide to create
a derivative.
> It will be 5 to 10 developers. The project will have an office
> to house personnel.

I think at least two of these should create an account on
alioth.debian.org and become a member of Debian Pure Blends team to get
commit permissions to Blends Git.
Hope this helps - feel free to keep on asking questions here



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