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Re: No CDD talk at debconf4 ?

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> I've got confirmation that the schedule, not counting informal BOF
> style meetings, is fixed.
I hope that my latest mail to debian-devel will convince people to consider
a change.

> > know about this stuff or just ignored it. I would strongly vote for
> > finding a reasonable place for a general CDD talk *in the beginning*
> > of the conference because I expect a talk which is well done to rise
> > up several questions which should be discussed in the time of the
> > conference (and not after it which would be the case if it would be
> > done on the last day).
> I strongly voted for this as well and my application was turned down.
Perhaps you missed to ask for support of developer support by voting for
it.  I do not read the debconf mailing list (because I do not attend) but
I think asking on debian-devel would have given you some support ...
(I hope to prove this by my last mail ;-) )

I think we should file a RC critical bug report against the "communication"
meta package because we obviousely failed drastically to communicate our
issue to the other Debian developers.

Kind regards


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