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Re: redmine depends on ruby-awesome-nested-set, which is not available

     Dear Ondřej!

* Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org> [2014-07-26 10:43:57 CEST]:
> I don't think I (or anybody else) can't promise you that there
> won't be any mistakes in the future. I do occassionally make
> hasty or bad decisions and I can't (nor anybody else) can't
> promise you that I won't make any mistakes in the future.

 Noone said anything about promising.  Mistakes happen.  But your
response to Alex was not the kind that made (at least me) feel like you
know you've done a mistake, or that you cared.  And your cheeky response
here isn't the kind of answer that I anticipated.  Mistakes can happen.
What happened here though from what I perceived is that you did upload a
package that someone else already did backport before, either ignoring
or not thinking of contacting that person and what was done in the
former backport.  If you either have looked at the prior backported
package, or have contacted the former backporter (which we expect of
people when they take over a backport from someone else) this could have
been easily avoided.  A cheeky response about that noone can promise
that there won't be any mistakes doesn't help that.

> But I can assure you that I have Debian users and the quality
> of the packages as a priority. But everybody can make and
> makes mistakes.

 Of course.  But one important thing is to learn from mistakes and how
one deals with them.

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