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redmine depends on ruby-awesome-nested-set, which is not available

Hi Ondrej,

redmine 2.5.1-2~bpo70+1 in wheezy-backports depends on
ruby-awesome-nested-set, which is unavailable in both wheezy and

Also, said redmine package depends on ruby-rack (>= 1.4.5~) while only
1.4.1-2.1 is available in wheezy, and it also depends on
ruby-railties-3.2 (>= 3.2.16-1~) while the version in wheezy is 3.2.6-3.

Could you please fix this situation, preferably by uploading the
required packages to wheezy-backports, or if that's not possible as they
have just been removed from testing on your request along with all the
other ruby stuff and the backports ftp masters won't give a special
exception, remove the broken redmine package from wheezy-backports?


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