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Re: Request for Rawtran packaging review

Hi Ole,

> It is true that priority "optional" packages should not depend on
> priority "extra" packages (Debian Policy 2.5). In your case, however it
> is not you who should change that but the "dcraw" package: there is no
> reason why this has the priority set to "extra", there are no conflicts
> or such. Therefore, before changing the priority of you package, I would
> recommend to file a bug to the "dcraw" package to change their priority
> to "optional". Lowering rawtran to "extra" may decrease its visibility
> in a package manager or so.

The bugreport has been send. I will revert the priority on level

> Another small wish: could you tag the versions once they are uploaded?
> Usually, the debian package gets a tag in the form "debian/<version-release>",
> and the upstream version (in the upstream branch) a
> "upstream/<version". The pristine-tar branch does not need to be tagged.


> For the improvement of the package itself, I would have one more
> recommendation: If you have a small free sample raw file, you could
> include this and create a simple unit test. This test can be run during
> the build (in the dh_auto_test rule), and also as a CI test. This would
> ensure that the package is actually working on the different platforms,
> and would warn us if f.e. dcraw one day would change its behaviour so
> that it breaks rawtran.

Yes. It's very nice idea. I seems the tests are an integral part of
automake machinery so it would be easy to add its to the package.

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