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Re: Request for Rawtran packaging review

Hi Filip,

it is very appreciated that you have a look after the package was
uploaded! The change of debian/watch is cosmetical, but fine. For the
change of the priority, I have a comment:

It is true that priority "optional" packages should not depend on
priority "extra" packages (Debian Policy 2.5). In your case, however it
is not you who should change that but the "dcraw" package: there is no
reason why this has the priority set to "extra", there are no conflicts
or such. Therefore, before changing the priority of you package, I would
recommend to file a bug to the "dcraw" package to change their priority
to "optional". Lowering rawtran to "extra" may decrease its visibility
in a package manager or so.

Another small wish: could you tag the versions once they are uploaded?
Usually, the debian package gets a tag in the form "debian/<version-release>",
and the upstream version (in the upstream branch) a
"upstream/<version". The pristine-tar branch does not need to be tagged.

For the improvement of the package itself, I would have one more
recommendation: If you have a small free sample raw file, you could
include this and create a simple unit test. This test can be run during
the build (in the dh_auto_test rule), and also as a CI test. This would
ensure that the package is actually working on the different platforms,
and would warn us if f.e. dcraw one day would change its behaviour so
that it breaks rawtran.

Best regards


Filip Hroch <hroch@physics.muni.cz> writes:
> Hi Ole,
> I checked Debian QA pages and found some minor problems. 
> I corrected its in incoming debian release 0.3.6-2.
> Please, review the code, upload it or give me another
> suggestions.
> Thank you very much
> FH
> On Mon, 2016-03-14 at 11:27 +0100, Ole Streicher wrote: 
>> Hi Filip,
>> Filip Hroch <hroch@physics.muni.cz> writes:
>> > I'd corrected all the suggested improvements (including
>> > both yesterday's minors).
>> Thanks. I uploaded the package. Please keep in mind that it still needs
>> to be accepted by our ftp-masters, which may take some days or weeks. Be
>> patient.

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