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Re: SS4000E Fan speed, LEDS and power button


On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 09:41:27PM -0400, Chris Wilkinson wrote:

> Thanks for the tips. Next I tried this and had some success but just
> why this works escapes me.

Well, it's Debian ;)

> Loaded initird.gz, zimage
> After each load, wrote the image to flash with fis create

To make just a comment, IIUC what you are doing, I think that there is
no need to write kernel/initrd on flash before booting (get them into
RAM is sufficient).

> Reboot
> d-i starts but not in rescue mode

(Normal : rescue/enable=true was not specified.)

> ran thru install without incident. 

So, you did redo a full install. But why not since some bits was

> Only snag was that the RAID5 was not set as a root FS, so
> backtracked to make it so. All the partitions set up previously were
> intact.

Normal ; they are written to disks.

> d-i continued without further problem
> reboot
> NAS boots into debian OK.

So it should work for now ; very good.

It's simply because all the required steps to get an OS on the box
have ben done, successfully and in the right order... So the box has
no excuse to refuse starting anymore ;)

Well, congrats and enjoy your new OS!




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