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Re: SS4000E Fan speed, LEDS and power button


On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 10:03:32AM -0400, Chris Wilkinson wrote:

> Rescue mode didn't work, see log. Blows right through to login
> without starting d-i.

Yes... The rescue mode is a special mode of operation of the d-i ;)

So, you should reload the kernel/initrd used for the initial setup,
not the installed one.

You can try to get it in RAM the way you prefer (http, tftp,
{Y,Z}modem) and re-exec the given command line to start d-i in rescue

> I'm not familiar with loadable modules. Does the kernel need
> rebuilding?

I dont think so. On mine runs the stock debian kernel, OOTB.

But remember Arnaud's post from yesterday : it's not sure that your
sensors will be recognized by that module...

To just give it a try, under root account, issue a :

modprobe w83792d 

and look in the output of dmesg...




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