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Re: Is there a How-to for moving a Debian NSLU2 install from one disk to another?

On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 07:15:43AM +0100, Mike Pellatt wrote:
> For such copies, generically, I've always used
> find / -mount -depth -print | cpio | cpio -pduvm <target filesystem 
> mount point>
> Keeps all permissions and timestamps intact, and doesn't try to copy the 
> contents of /sys, /proc or /dev if inappropriate.
> I've used it for Debian NSLU2 as well with no problems.
> It's because I'm from a Unix SVR2 background, not BSD, and SVR2 didn't 
> have cp -r. Nor tar. Yes, really.
> In fact, I think I started on SVR1. Oh, and find didn't have -mount to 
> begin with either.

I like cp -ax since it does exactly the right thing.

Len Sorensen

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