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Re: Is there a How-to for moving a Debian NSLU2 install from one disk to another?

For such copies, generically, I've always used

find / -mount -depth -print | cpio | cpio -pduvm <target filesystem mount point>

Keeps all permissions and timestamps intact, and doesn't try to copy the contents of /sys, /proc or /dev if inappropriate.

I've used it for Debian NSLU2 as well with no problems.

It's because I'm from a Unix SVR2 background, not BSD, and SVR2 didn't have cp -r. Nor tar. Yes, really.

In fact, I think I started on SVR1. Oh, and find didn't have -mount to begin with either.


John Winters wrote:
Brent Kolasinski wrote:
I think it might actually have to do with the timestamps and permissions on the files. When you tar an archive, the timestamps and permissions on the files once they are untared are preserved. I think there is an argument you can give cp ( -p, preserve? ) to preserve permissions and timestamps.
Does anyone want to try and see if that is it? :)

It's "cp -a". If you use that then you'll get the same effect as tar'ing it up and then un-tarring it with the p option.


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