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Re: Is there a How-to for moving a Debian NSLU2 install from one disk to another?

Am Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008 21:47:54 schrieb Leif Lourie:
> Leif Lourie wrote:
> > Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> >> * Leif Lourie <llourie67@gmail.com> [2008-05-06 19:52]:
> >>> I have a good installation on a disk and want to move it to another.
> >>> I tried to partition the new disk in the same way as the previous.
> >>> Copied all the files over. Made sure that fstab was correct.
> >>
> >> How did you copy the files?  We recently had someone who used "cp" and
> >> when he used "tar" instead it work.  Have you copied the files while
> >> the nslu2 was running on it?  I suggest you connect the hard drive to
> >> a PC and then copy the files from there.
> >
> > I connected both hard drives to another linux box and copied using cp.
> > I will try the using tar instead.
> >
> > Thanks!
> Just to follow up on this issue for people coming after me, having the
> same problem.
> For some reason cp doesn't copy all the files. There was some random
> mismatch between the two drives after using cp.
> tar did the trick.

That's interesting, should this behaviour be expected from a stable system? 
Of what kind was the random mismatch?

Peter Teichmann

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