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#379118 問い合わせ Apache logrotate configuration audio Bug#316321: Restarting the server may be required Bug#325594: apache2: Unable to restart after logrotate Bug#334824: logrotate: Postrotate documentation - Why restart? Bug#340538: followup on this bug? Bug#340538: More free replacements Bug#343467: [CVE-2005-3352] XSS issue in mod_imap Bug#344072: apache2: Apache 2.0.58 and Apache 2.2.2 released Bug#351246: apache2: [CVE-2005-3357] DoS (crash) with mod_ssl Bug#368315: logs with mod_backtrace Bug#374160: Fix for apache2 FTBFS bug Bug#376503: severity is critical Bug#376503: severity of 376503 is critical, according to developer information Bug#376503: stop initscript has wrong priority Bug#376680: apache2-utils: Please include htcacheclean in the Debian Apache 2.2 distribution. Bug#376707: /usr/sbin/ab: ApacheBench gives segmentation fault on SSL websites with concurrency 2 or higher Re: Bug#377420: mod-bt - FTBFS: Not resolvable build dependencies Bug#377970: apache: Your debconf templates do not follow the developers-reference Bug#378105: apr-util: .pc and apu-config --libs list recursive deps Bug#378145: Please add image/png signature to /etc/apache2/magic Bug#378737: strange virtual server config for default server Bug#379015: apache2-common: Ugly error messages when /etc/apache2/conf.d/ is empty Bug#380134: Apache2 pam misconfiguration? Bug#380182: Confirmed Bug#380182: CVE-2006-3747: off-by-one security problem in mod_rewrite Bug#380231: [CVE-2006-3747] Off-by-one flaw exists in the Rewrite module, mod_rewrite Bug#380296: libapache-mod-perl: Apache::Util functions are unavailable outside of requests Bug#380298: libapache-mod-perl: unescape_url() croaks on constant value Bug#380299: libapache-mod-perl: unescape_url_info('') returns undef Bug#380302: libapache-mod-perl: args() can return an odd number of elements Bug#380651: apache2: can't open php files Bug#380653: apache: can't open php files can certain Karriereweg Processed: Change of e-mail address Processed: Fix for apache2 FTBFS bug Processed: merging 303979 303984 Processed: Re: Bug#376503: severity is critical Processed: Re: Bug#376503: severity of 376503 is critical, according to developer information Processed: reassign Processed: reassign 380134 to libapache2-mod-auth-pam Processed: severity of 376503 is minor Proxy: Proxy Timeout Data Loss runlevel priority: mysql vs. apache Sommer-Special Tomcat4 and Kaffe on a SPARC/Debian Ultra5 The last update was on 16:15 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 62 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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