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Bug#376503: stop initscript has wrong priority

Package: apache2
Version: 2.0.55-4
Severity: critical

Apache is being invoked very late in the bootup process:


This is probably because all other needed software (depending on the website implementation, of course), such as mysql, is already started. A program that is started late can be expected to be stopped early in the shutdown process, because of the dependency on other software. However, apache is also being stopped late:


On a system where the website uses mysql, startup works fine. However, shutdown can cause data loss, because mysql already stops at priority 20, while apache continues to run until 91 is reached. Mysql can't stop correctly if connections are kept open or being opened. But this is just an example, other backend software might be affected as well. Even if mysql could shut down correctly, the website would be broken until apache is stopped as well.

I suggest that apache's stop priority be changed to a low value, such as 5 or so.

Martin Gruner

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