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Re: Bug#239416: apache: Apache failling to upgrade

Hi Fabio

> > Is there a way to get older versions of some package? A repository of
> > every version of the packages?
> >
> > I had another machine that ad Apache, but it just upgraded
> > without problems.
> > I made a diff between /usr/share/apache from and
> > It's attached.
> >
> > But the only solution that I see is to get the older version and install
> > it. But I don't know how to get older versions...
> You can grab them from http://snapshot.debian.net/
> I will be on vac a few days now and I will check my emails as soon as i
> will be back..

Right... I went there, downloaded apache and apache-common from version I also downloaded PHP4 from the same date.

Days that I tried: 2004/03/11 and 2004/03/06

So, I downloaded to a directory and dpkg -i *
Downgraded the versions. After a apt-get dist-upgrade
Installed without problems.

apt-get --purge remove apache apache-common php4

Installing again with dpkg -i * and apt-get dist-upgrade
No problems again.

So, I tried with apache
Made the same steps and nothing...

I think that we will never know what was happening here... :-/
I made a great mistake in doing a apt-get --purge remove on the first

Well, I am almost sure that the problem was on /usr/share/apache since
/etc/apache was OK.

Is it there another place that have config files for apache or the process
of upgrade/installation of it?


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