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inovion.com ranked # 28 in Google for bible prophecy

Hi there! Sorry for an e-mail out of the blue, but I just did a search for the term bible prophecy on Google and found inovion.com ranked 28. Since I publish a related website about Education (it's strictly informational, so I'm definitely NOT a competitor of yours), I'd like to link to your site.
My site is one of the best resources for info in our category (I think you'll see that my site is pretty clean and high quality, and I only request to link to other quality sites for exchange). Because of this great info, I get a pretty decent amount of visitors...so if I link to you, your site should get some nice traffic as well.
 So you know, I've already linked to you and will keep it there for a few days until I hear from you. If you're interested in swapping links for good, please reply back so I can get you all of the pertinent information.
Dora Casso
RAC IM: 949281.

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