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Re: Bug#239416: apache: Apache failling to upgrade

Hi Nelson,

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:

> Hello Fabio
> It's attached the /et/apache as you said.
> Please, take a look.

Yes and you attached a bit too much. Please consider changing user name
and passwords ;)

> But one thing that is strange: If I reboot the computer, restart apache,
> whatever, it loads OK.
> But it just don't upgrade to the new version. Old version of apache loads
> ok the configs.

The only think i can spot is the php4 module. What happens if you disable
php4 and upgrade apache? Or otherwise just try to install
libapache-mod-ssl, load it into the apache (there is no need to configure
it) and than do an upgrade?. Also be sure that you have ucf 0.33

I am afraid you are hitting the well known php4 problem that sometimes
shows up.. other times no but the configuration is clean...

Please let me know

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