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Re: Bug#239416: apache: Apache failling to upgrade

Hi Nelson,

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:

> OK.
> apache-common was already installed, so apt-get install apache-common made
> nothing.
> Chowing a -x to /usr/share/apache/postinst.common and then an apt-get
> install apache just keep giving the same error (that was unable to
> configure apache, etc).

Sorry I was unclear. I meant to add set -x inside postinst.common to
enable "debugging". The best place would be close to the bottom:

do_all() {
<few lines>
    set -x
<all the rest>

> So, apt-get --purge remove apache apache-common
> All apache was removed.
> apt-get install apache apache-common
> Everything runs fine. It installed.

Ok, but we need to see if we can reproduce the problem again...

> That looked very strange to me.
> I did a diff from the old /etc/apache and the new one. It's attached.
> Looking on it, I did not find something wrong.

Yes I agree that there is nothing strange.

> I really don't know what could be.
> The --purge only removes /etc/apache config files or it removes some other
> files too? I am thinking that the error could be on other files that are
> used internally to apt-get.

Well --purge cleans everything. Do you have any possibility to try to
reinstall the old version, add that debug in postinst.common and try to
upgrade again?

I really can't see the problem and if we don't spot it or someone for us I
doubt there is much i can do for this bug..


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